New online slot game in July 2022, Wild Coaster, a roller coaster slot game from the old big company, PG,

that comes with a good promotion from PGSLOTAUTO.GG as always, those who always seek excitement should not miss it!

PG theme park has a lucky roller coaster waiting for you to experience.

Theme parks are popular places for people of all ages. Some come to spend time with family, friends, loved ones, or even brave people who come looking for fun and excitement. PG amusement park therefore presents Wild Coaster special rollercoaster if you love a challenge Definitely have to buy a ticket to get on this train. With PG’s superior audio-visual techniques This Wild Coaster online slot has unique visuals and sounds. You can feel the wind through your hair as the train rolls 360 degrees and the tingling sensation in your stomach as it plummets. How many times do you press spin? Win big prizes every time

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Overview of Wild Coaster Slot Game

Wild Coaster It is a 6-reel, 4-row video slot game with extra reels at the top and bottom of reels 2, 3, 4 and 5, complemented by expandable Wild symbols on the reels. This gives you more chances of getting the free spins feature. And there is a chance to get a multiplier if 4 Scatter symbols appear on the reels. Additionally, each Scatter symbol gives you an additional 2 free spins per symbol.

Symbols in the game Wild Coaster

Roller coaster slot games feature unique symbols of theme parks and roller coaster rides. Studying each symbol, even just a glance, may help in calculating your earnings and adjusting your bets more easily. Increases the opportunity to make more profits. Each symbol in the Wild Coaster game has the following payout rates.

Wild Symbol or Wild symbol, a special symbol that can substitute for other symbol positions on the reels. In this game, it is written as 3 Wild Coaster characters.

Scatter Symbol or Scatter symbol is a symbol that when appearing on all 4 reels will trigger the Free Spins feature and have the opportunity to win extra Free Spins.

roller coaster symbol It is the highest paying symbol in the game, up to 80 times.

Ferris wheel symbol It has the second highest payout rate in the game, up to 70 times.

circus tent sign It has the third highest payout rate in the game. The maximum is 60 times.

shop symbol There is a maximum payout rate of 30 times.

Hot dog symbol and smoothie glass There is a maximum payout rate of 15 times.

The letter A and K symbols have the same payout rate of up to 10 times.

The letter Q, J and number 10 symbols have the same payout rate of up to 4 times.

Play Wild Coaster slots with what pro?

The roller coaster slot game has a relatively high RTP at 96.71% and a maximum multiplier of 50,000 times. The more you use it in conjunction with the 50% slots promotion, the more you deposit, get an additional 50%, the more worthwhile or anyone who likes death challenges. In an emphasis, it must be a free credit promotion, a small deposit, receive 100%, a promotion that gives out additional free credit of 100%, small capital, can play, don’t worry, just turn 3 times, you can withdraw money immediately without tea deduction. Whether you like a small thriller or a heavy thriller, you will receive a worthwhile promotion that can make profits throughout the day, no different. But good promotion is limited, you must be quick! Apply and don’t forget to ask for good promotions from more staff.

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Conclusion : Play Wild Coaster PG slot game with free credits.

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